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Our Team

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Michael Bishop

Founder | Principal

Michael is a successful business owner who is active in the commercial real estate syndication space. With a deeply rooted passion for personal finance and wealth management, he developed a secondary passion for real estate shortly after starting his professional career. In the summer of 2017, he founded Bishop Investing Group, backed by the purpose of helping individuals achieve financial freedom and grow generational wealth through passive investments in commercial real estate syndications.


He has helped raise significant capital to assist in acquiring several commercial real estate properties in the multifamily, self-storage, and mobile home park space. Markets in which he is active and exploring future opportunities are Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Orlando, Atlanta, and Phoenix, among others.


He prides himself on, and thoroughly enjoys, building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with his investor partners. He values, above all else, providing a great customer service experience and being readily accessible to those who depend on him.


Michael moved to Austin, TX in 2014 after graduating from Indiana university with a degree in economics and mathematics. He lives there with his wife and their two dogs, all whom enjoy an active lifestyle and exploring the great outdoors of the Texas state capital.

David Thompson

Strategic Partner

David is a Strategic Partner and Advisor for Bishop Investing Group. He is the founder of Thompson Investing, a real estate investment firm that raises private equity funds for commercial real estate deals. Thompson Investing has raised significant private equity capital for multifamily strategic partners to purchase 2,000+ apartment units in 7 separate communities worth over $175M. He's also helped fund a $50M self storage and mobile home park fund sponsored by the CoveMark Group.


David has strong experiences in real estate investing in both domestic and international projects covering single-family, multi-family and land development.  He earned his MBA in finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree from Arizona State University.  David spent over 20 years in high-tech management positions at Dell, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies.  At Lucent, he managed a $2.5B investment portfolio and raised over $1B in funds for acquisitions.

David truly enjoys building long-term relationships with others and provides a great customer experience to his investors.  Dave has lived in Austin, Texas for twenty years with his wife and has two daughters.  

Our Strategy

What We Do

  • Develop relationships with accredited investors to help them grow their wealth through real estate investments

  • Raise private capital from our investor partners and place it with experienced, proven Sponsor partners

  • Assist our Sponsor partners in funding their deals

  • Select industry leading Sponsor partners, who have a strong history of performance, that invest in alternative niches such as:

    • Multifamily Apartments (Primary Focus)​

    • Self Storage Units

    • Manufactured Housing Communities

Our Model

  • Target investments that are expected to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns over the life of the project

  • Favor strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress

  • Focus on value-add, re-positioning, and re-branding projects to create attractive upside and limit downside risk

  • Target holding periods for investors of ~5 years with opportunities for cash-out refinancing once significant value is created

  • Place a primary emphasis on downside protection and capital preservation

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